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Utility Bill is due in 13 days!

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“Pride in Our Past…Faith in Our Future”

July, 2016

City Hall Hours:
10 am to 2 pm  
City Clerk: Lora Dankof  
City Hall: 625.2601

Library Hours:
Wednesday  10:00-noon; 2:00-5:30
Saturday  8:30-11:30
Librarian: Linda Heywood

Upcoming Meetings/Events (All Open to the Public):

City Council Regular Meeting— 7:00PM on June 7 at City Hall

Hometown Pride — 6PM on 2rd Tuesday of the Month at Community Center

Library Committee — 5:30PM on 1rd Wednesday of Month at the Library

Library News from Linda
Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cooler weather and because my favorite color is orange I am lucky enough to see it often. With cooler weather comes my desire to do one of two things bake or curl up with a good book. I definitely do not need the calories from eating what I bake, so I usually, pick up a good book. We have many wonderful books at the library by all the popular authors and some by new authors, come in and let's see if I can help you find one you might like. If you have young children in your house watching mom, dad, grandma or grandpa read helps reinforce the idea to them that reading can be done for pleasure all your life.
We now have 26 kids signed up for our reading program. Our town has added eight children in just the last month. If you see an unfamiliar face running around outside stop and introduce yourself to them. It's important for the new kids to know that Randolph is full of friendly, helpful adults who are there to help them if they need it. You will most likely see the new faces embedded in faces you already know kids are very welcoming to new children. When l watch them at the library it appears they have known each other for years.
We have had our first monthly drawing for the library reading program. Shannon Foster won the first drawing of $10. Always like to hear what the spend their money on as compared to the boys.
We are still doing "Feed the Farmer" on Saturdays at the Co-op. We start serving at 11 and finish 1. Price of the meal is $6 which includes a sandwich, chips, dessert, and water. Stop by you don't have to be a farmer to be hungry ad want to eat. Proceeds go to the Library.

City Hall News
Regarding the water bill payments for the month of November. If you do not mail them would you, please take all payments to the Randolph Bank. I will not able to be in the office until next month. Gary will be in the office some of the time, and if you should need something please get ahold of Gary or a council member to assist you.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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