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Utility Bill is due in 28 days!

Election Results


“Pride in Our Past…Faith in Our Future”

City Hall Hours:
10 am to 2 pm
City Clerk: Lora Dankof
City Hall: 625.2601

Library Hours:
Wednesday  10:00-noon; 2:00-5:30
Saturday  8:30-11:30

Closed Friday and Sunday

Librarian: Linda Heywood

Upcoming Meetings/Events (All Open to the Public):                                 

City Council Regular Meeting – 7:00PM on the first Tuesday of the Month at City Hall                   

Hometown Pride – 6PM on 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Community Center

Library Committee – 5:30PM on 2nd Wednesday of Month at the Library

Fun Day Meeting – 6:00PM 3rd Tuesday of the Month at the Community Center


Library News from Linda

Drake Christo, son of Dan and Bobbi Jo Christo was the recipient of the first gift card for the “School Year Reading Program”.  He can hardly wait to spend it, but said he might wait and put his allowance with it and it would give him more money. I could tell by the look on his face it was going to be hard to wait. One of the other children said just read some more and maybe you will win again.  This was music to my ear.  You might ask why, I am of the mind I will use any means available to get a book in the hand of a child even bribery with the chance to win a gift card if they read.

Our library has two important events happening soon;

First, I applied for a grant from Southwest Community Foundation and received the amount I requested.  This money is ear marked for the construction of a handicapped assessable restroom.  It will require moving the restroom to the current storage area.  Not only will the new restroom be handicapped assessable but will also have heat and warm water.  While the children at the library may not understand the importance of the handicapped assessable restroom, they do understand how nice it will be to have heat in the restroom and warm water with which to wash their hands in the winter.

Second, which is just as important as the first is the upcoming City Elections. On the ballot you will see a Resolution for the library.  You are being asked to approve the resolution so once again our library board will go from 3 to 5 members.  It was only recently that it became apparent we had not followed all the regulations when the board number was increased in the past.  The step we had omitted was a vote of the people, that is why you are being asked to vote yes to increase the number of board members back to five.  It is extremely difficult to work with a board of only three members.  I am asking everyone to please vote yes to pass the resolution.


Fun Day committee will not be having another meeting until February.


Hometown Pride:

  • Hometown Pride is having a spaghetti feed Sunday, November 5 from 11:00-1:00


  • The Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 7th has been moved to Thursday, November 9th  at 7pm.
  • City Hall will be open 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm for voting on Tuesday, November 7th.
  • The 7th of November (election day) will soon be upon us. We have two new people running for city Council and two running for the mayor’s position. I encourage you all to vote. Let's have a record turn out and show the candidates your support. Thanks Gary Farwell
  • There is a burn pile for your convenience. Tree limbs brush yard waste are allowed. Anything else is by permission only. Call 712.215.2251 if you have any questions.

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