APRIL 7, 2015



APRIL 7, 2015 – 7 PM

A regular meeting of the Randolph City Council was held at the Randolph City Hall at 7:00 PM on April 7, 2015. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Gary Farwell.

The following council members were present: Mike Berger, Brian Hardy, Al Marshall, Dustin Moreland Claude Perkins. Faye French, City Clerk.

Visitors: Cindy Steenbock, Teresa Hardy, Dave Heywood

The minutes from the March meeting were reviewed by the council members. There being no additions or corrections, Hardy motioned to accept them and Perkins seconded. All in favor.

Clerk requested clarification on the closing of the tractor savings account which was still active. The council affirmed the account was to be closed and that funds would be moved to the General Account.

The council reviewed the following bills for payment:

Fremont County Landfill $ 289.83

Windstream $ 136.36

MidAmerican Energy $ 717.38

Auditor of State of Iowa $ 475.00

Malvern Leader $ 48.16

Delavan Auto Parts $ 42.26

Heartland Co-Op $ 577.82 Fire Station

PeopleService $1776.32 February & March

Wallin Plumbing & Heating $ 156.15 Labor, Heater at Pump House

MidAmerican Energy $ 18.67 Water Tower Final Bill

Fremont County Sheriff $ 220.50

Sidney Tax & Accounting $ 99.00

Kriegler Office Equipment $ 27.64 Office Supplies

Reafleng Industries $ 80.00 Handrail Repair

SWIPCO $1050.00

Teresa Elliott $ 10.00

Robin Krewson $ 122.40

Betterment Group $ 200.00 Easter Egg Hunt

Justin Wederquist $ 16.57 Water Credit

Randolph Library $1500.00

US Treasury $ 409.93 941 – 1Q14

US Treasury $ 254.31 941 – 2Q14

US Treasury $ 741.06 941 – 3Q14

US Treasury $ 516.59 941 – 4Q14

Randolph State Bank $ 652.44 Water Debt Payment

IPERs $ 111.42

Clerk noted the City is now caught up on 941 reports & payments for 2014 as well as IPERs payments.

Hardy motioned that we pay the bills as written; Marshall seconded. Motion carried.

Hardy mentioned that for the landfill meetings that he attends, the minutes are sent to the council a week prior to the meeting for review. After discussions, it was decided that we would continue to read the minutes at our meetings instead of sending out prior.


The Mayor mentioned that types of trees need to be selected to utilize the $1000 grant the city received from MidAmerican Energy. It was suggested that quotes be attained for Autumn Blaze Maples.

Hardy asked if the City had received an email from Governor Terry Branstad regarding his proclamation of April being “Keep Iowa Beautiful” month. The Governor is encouraging communities to make the proclamation also. T. Hardy will email to Faye.

The city would like to sell the lot next to Hardy Sales. The property must be offered to the public which may require an auction. Property appraiser stated it is not worth having appraised and there is no tax assessment because it is owned by the city. The council determined they need legal advice which led to discussion of the need for a change of a City Attorney. It was suggested that Vicki Daley be retained . Marshall motioned and Farwell seconded that she be retained if she is agreeable. All in favor.


Teresa Hardy informed the council that she is actively pursuing volunteers & vendors to participate in the Randolph Fun Day which is scheduled for August 29. She asked the council if they planned pay for the evening meal as has been done in the past. Last year, the council determined a budget of $1000-1500. Two bids for catering have been received; both are +/- $1500. Additional bids will be collected.

She reported she has volunteers to organize the following events: street vendors, car show, Pancake feed (FD will keep proceeds), volleyball tournament, bake sale and Trash & Trinkets. The children’s fun time will be from 2 till 4 with Hardy Sales & Heartland Co-op sponsoring activities. Teresa is planning to speak with Al Kelly in regard to a street dance and is also researching food vendors. A gaming license is required to do any kind of raffle. Teresa will continue to attend monthly meetings to provide updates.

Teresa also advised that she meet with playground vendor. Our current playground equipment is not up to safety requirements. If we do anything with the existing equipment it will null and void the grandfather clause that is currently protecting them. If we paint and maintain them, we can maintain grandfather clause. Tim with Park & Structures will be available for the May Council Meeting to present. The current bid for full playground is $51K which includes a ground cover. A grant for $5K through Fremont County has been obtained by Dave Heywood and a $25K grant has been applied for through State Farm. Additional grants are being applied for; some with matching funds. Additional monies will be raised through fundraisers. It was noted that some of the work could be done by volunteers to lower costs and additional vendors will be investigated.

It was also reported by Teresa that the Fremont County Tourism Board denied a grant for plants around the Randolph sign west of town. A matching grant though Aksarben will be applied for to purchase flower pots on main street and we could possibly buy plants for Randolph sign with that money also.

It was also noted that updates to the basketball court and baseball field are needed.

Marshall mentioned that valves on fire truck need to be replaced.

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for May 5.

There were no additional items to discuss. Perkins motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Berger seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:11.

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