History of Fremont County

History of Fremont County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Hist. Co., 1881.

Riverside Township
Transcribed by Cay Merryman

ATKINSON, HIRAM, farmer, section 1; born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, March 22, 1828, where he remained until 1839, when he removed to Ohio. In 1852, he moved to Bond county, Illinois, and in October, 1854 to Fremont county, Iowa. He was married in Auglaize county, Ohio, to Margaret Hippert, August 14, 1851. As a result of this union there was born to them one child - born November 25, 1852, and died October 27, 1875. From the fall of 1859 to August, 1862, he engaged in milling on the Missouri bottom. In the last year he enlisted in company E., twenty-ninth Iowa infantry, as a private. For honorable conduct he was successively promoted through all the subordinate offices to that of captain. He was subsequently placed on General Slack's staff as acting assistant inspector general, which position he maintained until ordered to New Orleans for discharge. He had been severely wounded in the thigh in the battle of Helena.In 1865 he returned to his home to engage in farming until 1868, when he moved to Fremont City and engaged in hotel keeping, which occupation he followed until 1879. In the spring of that year he moved back to his farm, and shortly after suffered the loss of his faithful wife, who died from a stroke of paralysis. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. and of the A. O. U. W., and a man of the most sterling integrity. The history of his service in the army may be best gathered from the history of his regiment in another portion of this volume.

ARMSTRONG, LEVI W., farmer, section 14, P. O., Randolph; born in Boston, Massachusetts, July 5, 1841, where he remained until fourteen years of age when he moved to Henderson county, Illinois. In 1861, he enlisted in company E, tenth regular Illinois infantry, with which he remained until the close of the war. He was honorably discharged in July, 1865. He participated in the battles of New Madrid, Island No. 10, Corinth and twenty-one other general engagements. In the battle at Goldsboro, N. C., he was severely wounded in the thigh. He was married February 8, 1866, to Miss Mary C. Morris, by whom he has six children: Ralph R., Effie L., Martha A., Walter W., Levi D. and James C. Mr. Armstrong came to Iowa and located in Fremont county in 1869, and has followed, successfully, the business of farming since his coming. He has held numerous township offices, and is at the present time township assessor.

ATKINSON, GEORGE G., P. O. Randolph; born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, July 25, 1837. In 1838 went with his parents to Ohio, where he remained until 1855, when he came to Illinois, remaining but a year when he came to Fremont county, Iowa. From 1862 to 1869 he was engaged in mining in Oregon. He was married October 1, 1878, to Eliza A. McCreery, by whom he has one child: Floyd. His wife has been a teacher in this county for many years. They have both seen the wonderful growth and prosperity of the same for many years, and have both contributed to it.

BLAKELY, THOMAS; born in Ireland in 1838, where he remained until 1846, when he came to America with his parents and located at Rock Island, Illinois. In 1864 enlisted in the army and was in the battles of Spanish Fort, Fort Blakely, and numerous minor engagements. Was discharged in 1865. In 1870 came to Fremont county, Iowa. He was married in 1872, to Miss Jane Coats, by whom he has three children: James W., Thomas and Robert. His wife is a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

CUMMINGS, WILLIAM, farmer, section 26, P. O. Randolph; born in Brattleboro, Windham county, Vermont, June 23, 1816. When twenty-three years of age moved to Cattaraugus county, New York, and after a residence of four years went to Dane county, Wisconsin, where he resided twenty-seven years. He then came to Fremont county, Iowa, and has since been a resident of the same. Was married November 1, 1843, to Miss Julia Robinson, of New York. They have four children: George W., Cordelia, W. H. and Ira; in addition to these children, Mr. and Mrs. Cummings have been called upon to bury two others: Melvin H. aged three years, died in Wisconsin, and Parmelia, aged twenty years died in Fremont county, Iowa.

DRISKELL, E.E., farmer sections 7 and 8; born in Des Moines county, Iowa, November 7, 1839, where he resided until twenty-seven years of age. Came to Fremont county in March, 1868. Was married at Malvern, Mills county, to Miss M. E. Hartman by whom he has two children: Fannie and Addie. Enlisted in company H, Fourteenth Iowa, in August, 1861, serving for three years. He then re-enlisted in the Fourth United States veteran volunteers and served under Hancock. He was in the battle of Corinth, where he was wounded, and numerous other engagements. His fine farm contains 320 acres.

DYKE, SIMON, Sr., farmer, section 30, P. O. Randolph; born in Alleghany county, New York, at Alfred, now Andover, September 16, 1813. In 1834 he went to Ohio and in May of 1838 to Kane county, Illinois. In 1841 went to Nauvoo, remaining until 1846 when the general movement from that locality was made for Utah. Was in the Mormon battalion under General Kearney and engaged in many battles during the Mexican war, following the fortune of his daring leader until July, 1847. Came to Fremont county in April, 1848. He was married July 3, 1841 to Miss Mary A. Forney, by whom he has eight children: Nathaniel, Simon, Jr., David H., Ephraim, Joseph J., Isaac S., John R. and William B. This wife died July 16, 1879. Mr. Dyke was again married January 11, 1880, to Helena Bently, of Mills county, a widow at the time of this marriage having five children: Ida, George, Charles, Rhoda and Frederick. Both are members of the church of Latter Day Saints. Mr. Dyke is one of the first settlers in this county, and has done much to help its material interests.

FITCH, S. A., blacksmith, P. O. Randolph; born in Oakland county, Michigan, September 26, 1836. In the fall of 1838 moved with his parents to the state of Pennsylvania, and in 1846 to Stark county, Illinois. In the fall of 1848 to Elkhart county, Indiana, and to Henry county, Illinois, in 1863, came to Fremont county in 1863. He was married to Miss Mary E. McDaniel,-------17, 1861. they are the parents of five children: Ida M., Emma J., Charles E., Frank and Willis. Enlisted in company D, Sixty-ninth Illinois, June 9, 1862, but was in no battles. Discharged October 5, 1862 at Chicago.

JAY, JAMES W., farmer, section 10, P. O. Randolph; born in Marcellus, Onandago county, New York, March 24, 1837. In 1845 he removed to St. Charles, Illinois, and in 1846, back to New York. In 1852 he went to California, remaining until January 5, 1856, when he started again for the east. He came to Waverly, Bremer county, Iowa, in the same year, and remained until 1869, when he came to Fremont county and located on the farm he at present occupies. He was married April 16, 1861, to Sarah A. Burridge, of Marcellus, New York, by whom he has five children living: Julia M., George G., Della M., Mary B. and Fannie E. He was postmaster for a number of years in his locality, and has held numerous offices of trust and importance. Himself, wife and oldest daughter are all influential and active members of the Congregational church and Sabbath school.

JOHNSON, ISAAC, merchant, P. O. Randolph; born in Canada January 25, 1854. At an early age moved with his parents to Mercer county, Illinois, where he remained until March, 1875, when he came to Fremont county. He located in Randolph in the fall of 1878. He was educated in the common school, and at a seminary in Aledo, Illinois. He was married to Miss Maria Wylie, February 23, 1875. They have three children, two living: Mertle M. and Isaac W. He owns a fine farm, with all modern improvements, comprising 200 acres.

MARGARELL, T. Z., merchant, P. O. Randolph; born in Canada West, February 21, 1852. In 1865 moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and from thence to Creston, Illinois, in the fall of the same year. From this time until June, 1880, he frequently changed his residence, remaining often but a few months in a place. In the month of June 1880, he came to Randolph. Married February 22, 1876, to Miss L. J. Boyd, of Detroit, Michigan. They have two children: William and Robert. Mr. Margarell is a member of the I.O.O.F. and Temple of Honor No. 4, of Atlantic, Iowa.

MORRISON, J. L., P. O. Randolph; born in Blaine, Perry county, Pennsylvania, September 30, 1834. In 1845 went to Jefferson county, Iowa, and remained two years, when he went to Washington county, remaining until 1856. In 1857 he came to Fremont county, and thence to Missouri, returning again at the expiration of a year. He was married November 20, 1862, to Miss Martha A. Gardner. He is now a farmer, owning 160 acres of excellent land, but has also been for many years a school teacher - which was his business in Missouri.

ROOD, ANSON, P. O., Randolph; born in Jericho, Vermont, September 23, 1827. In 1837 moved with his parents to Chicago, Illinois, and after a years residence in that then embryonic city went to Joliet, same state, remaining until 1841. In that year he went to Madison, Wisconsin, where he resided until 1---. At the commencement of the war with the confederacy he enlisted in the provost marshal's department, and was made an enrolling officer, performing at the same time the duties of deputy provost marshal. In the winter of 1863 and '64 he received a commission as regimental quartermaster in the 38th Wisconsin, and stationed at Camp Randall. After joining his regiment he was assigned to the staff of Gen. Harrison, as assistant quartermaster. Resigned in 1865 and returned to civil life. Was a member of the general assembly of Wisconsin in 1857, and alderman in the city of Stephens Point, Wisconsin, and president of the city council from 1858 to 1860. In the session of 1862-4 he was again elected to the general assembly. He moved into Riverside township, in 1870, and located on a farm which is now the site of Randolph, the very existence of which is largely due to the labors of Mr. Rood. He is the president of the Nebraska City, Sidney and North Eastern railroad, and has been since its completion. He was married in 1848 to Miss Clarissa Sylvester, by whom he has seven children living: Edwin S., Albert, Jessie J., Cora A., Willie O., C. W., and Ella J., wife to M. F. McDonald. His farm comprises 240 acres of the finest land in the county.

SUTHERLAND, A. W., merchant, P. O., Randolph; born in Dane county, Wisconsin, February 4, 1851. Lived on a farm with his parents until sixteen years of age, and then attended college at the State University, Madison, Wisconsin. Until coming to Randolph has been engaged in the drug business. Married Miss Maggie Douglass, March 4, 1880. He is a member of the I.O.O.F.

SPENCER, MORRIS N., merchant and banker, P. O. Randolph; born in Iowa, May 2, 1857, in ---------county, where he remained until 1866. He then went to Mt. Pleasant, and from there, in 1873, was traveling until 1877, when he located at Randolph. He was married June 3, 1878, to Miss Mary E. Dibble, of Osceola, they are the parents of the first child born in Randolph, a daughter named Edith. The business interests of Mr. Spencer are extensive and yearly increasing. He is well worthy of the confidence and esteem in which he is held.

THOMAS, JACOB, farmer, section 2, P. O. Randolph; born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1829, where he remained until about twenty-nine years of age. He then went to Warren county, Illinois, and three years afterward to Mercer county, remaining until 1873, when he came to Fremont county, and one year after purchased the farm on which he now resides. He was married in 1853, to Miss Sarah A. Bausbach; they have eight children: Charles E., Harry E., John F., Theodore R., Emma F., Rillian, Ira J. and Elmer J. and one adopted child, Mattie J. Oakley. The farm of Mr. Thomas contains 240 acres.

VARNER, ERWIN, proprietor of the Central Hotel, P. O. Randolph; born in Morgan county, Illinois, June 16, 1838, where he resided until 1861. In 1864 he located at Louisa county, Iowa, and in the fall of 1873, located in Fremont county. Was married to Miss Ellen A. Gilchrist-who was born in New York, January 10, 1844 - in August, 1864. they have three children: Barton, Richard, and John. Owns 160 acres of well improved land.

WITTENMEYER, A. J., farmer, section 22, P. O. Randolph; born in Union county, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1824, where he remained until the fall of 1855, when he moved to Illinois, to stay until 1868. He then came to Fremont county and located on the farm now occupied by him. He was married April 25, 1849, to Miss Martha Hooper, of Adams county, Ohio. They have seven children: Lewis F., born January 18, 1850; Mary E., born July 11, 1851; Joseph F., born January 18, 1853; Caroline A., born February 26, 1857; Ann E., born June17, 1860; William R., born January 19, 1863, and Emma F., born October 3, 1864. Mr. Wittenmeyer and wife are both members of the M. E. Church, and have been for thirty-two years.

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