MAY 5, 2015



MAY 5, 2015 – 7 PM

A regular meeting of the Randolph City Council was held at the Randolph City Hall at 7:00 PM on May 5, 2015. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Gary Farwell.

The following council members were present: Mike Berger, Brian Hardy, Al Marshall, Dustin Moreland Claude Perkins. Faye French, City Clerk.

Visitors: Cindy Steenbock, Teresa Hardy, Trevor Perkins, Tim Kisgen-Play & Park Structures, Vicky Danley- City Attorney

The minutes from the April meeting were reviewed by the council members. One word was removed from the original document. Marshall made a motion to accept the minutes and Perkins seconded. Motion carried.

The council reviewed the following bills for payment:

Kriegler Office Equipment $ 61.00

Iowa Dept of Revenue $ 492.00

IPERS $ 44.58

SidneyTax & Acctng $ 301.00

Randolph State Bank $ 652.44

U S Post Office $ 196.00

Heartland Co-Op $1,980.13

Windstream $ 118.78

MidAmerican Energy $ 683.78

Windstream $ 139.01

IRS (Penalty 1Q14 Tax) $ 128.24

IRS (Penalty 2Q14 Tax) $ 53.60

IRS (Penalty 3Q14 Tax) $ 195.58

IRS (Penalty 4Q14 Tax) $ 73.32

Randolph Library $1,500.00

Fremont County Landfill $ 289.83

Fremont County Sheriff $ 220.50

Jessica Jamison $ 620.00

People Service, Inc. $ 976.30

ACCO Inc. $ 131.25

Randolph Rescue $ 110.00

Sewer Fund Savings $ 500.00

Water Fund Savings $ 500.00

Farwell made a motion to accept the bills as is, Berger seconded, Motion carried.

Clerk presented the Treasurer’s report with balances as of 4/30/15:

General Account $ 80,742.24

Water Maintenance Account $ 2,121.81

Sewer Fund Account $ 2,441.51

Savings Certificate $ 50,000.00

Savings Certificate $ 6,169.14


1) Playground Equipment. Tim Kisgen of Play and Park Structures presented a play structure to the Council which is tailored for ages 5-12. The quote received for the new structure was $51,617 which is good until the end of 2015. Pricing includes playground equipment as well as a supervised community build, concrete for a sub base (no labor) for the final surfacing as well as a unitary interlocking mat that meets safety standards for a 15 foot fall. Equipment is guaranteed for up to 15 years and the entire setup requires little to no annual maintenance. Additional grants are being applied for to finance the new equipment. The current equipment at the park does not meet current safety standards but as far as liability, we are covered by a “grandfather clause” in the city insurance. EMC Insurance will be invited to speak at the next council meeting.

2) Randolph Fun Day – August 29. Trevor Perkins has contacted Music Artist Mark Burke to provide entertainment at Fun Day with NO COST to the city. Mark will bring another artistwith him as well as their own equipment. The City will need to provide a trailer and security. The Council gave the okay for the entertainer. Teresa Hardy updated the Council on additional lunch/dinner arrangements. Hometown Pride will take care of the lunch and additional bids are being taken for dinner. A gaming license will also be looked into.

3) Tractor Account: Account has been closed and funds moved to general fund.

4) Tree Grant: Mayor Farwell is still getting bids for the purchase of trees. The plan is to have trees planted this fall in the park.

5) The city will be selling lots on the corner of F & Main Streets. City Attorney Vicky is working on a proposal for the council to approve and then a sale announcement will be published in the Tabor newspaper.

6) Teresa Hardy has applied for a $1000 grant for additional enhancements to the town. It is a matching grant for flower pots on Main Street. Hometown Pride has agreed to match $500. Teresa also applying for additional grants for the park - $25K from State Farm.

7) Fire Truck Repairs- Marshall reported that valves/pumps have been repaired. He has not received bill yet.

8) Demo of derelict building. A grant was received in the amount of $6800. The grant specifies that the program will most likely have a start date of 7/1/15 for the project. French will contact SWIPCO to discuss how to go about getting bids out for asbestos removal (tile and mastic). Annual budget will need to be amended. Also discuss possible options for getting monies to demolish the building.

9) Bids for City Hall Accounting Software – Quotes have been received to replace the current software. French reported that she is not having difficulty with the current software. We will respond to vendors that we will not make any changes at this time.

10) Repaving of Randolph Street by the County. No updates.


1) Pay Raise/Adjustment of hours for City Clerk. French researched the number of hours other City Clerks are working after seeing several City Clerk jobs advertised. After discussions on the role of clerk and number of hours required to do an adequate job, Perkins made a motion to increase the hours to 20, Moreland seconded and the motion carried.

2) City Wide Cleanup – no scheduled event this year.

3) Holiday Flag Display – In the past Dave Heywood has put up flags around town. Clerk to check with Dave regarding his plans for this year.

4) Depot Street – Street is deteriorating and will need attention within the next year or so due to the amount of traffic for the elevator. Funding options were discussed with plans to do further research.

5) Rates for mowing abatements: Land owners need to be given notice prior to mowing. $50 per man hour will be charged with a minimum of $20. If homeowner does not pay, a lien can be place against property.

The water report from People Service was reviewed. It was discussed that hydrants need to be flushed twice a year. The Fire Department will post the dates in city buildings prior to the event.

Building permits are required for fences. While building permits are required there is no fee and fences are not assessed. City Clerk will send out notices to those that are not in compliance.

Randolph has residents who leave the area for the winter. During this time, the house has been protected, however, we are not being reimbursed for their sheriff fees even though the city still has to pay it. This item will be researched further.

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for June 2 at 7:00 pm.

Perkins made a motioned to adjourn, Farwell seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Gary Farwell Faye French

Mayor Clerk

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