Marshall Grocery Store

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Owners   Betty Marshall Thain Marshall The Marshall's went into the gro
Betty Marshall Thain Marshall

The Marshall's went into the grocery business in 1957, punching Allely’s grocery store from Mrs.Lyle Allely after her husband's death.

The Marshall's bought the Red & White Food Store in 1961 from Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Russell. (Shorty and Tillie Russell.) and move there grocery store across the street to the Red & White Store location.


Thain was a life long resident of Randolph until he passed away in 1992. His parents  were Miles and Bess Marshall. Miles pass away at the age of 26 from an influenza outbreak.

Betty was from Broken Arrow, Ok and lived in Randolph until she passed away in 1991. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. George C. Morganstern.

History of the Marshall's Grocery Store.

Marshall’s Grocery Store 1957 – 1980’s

Allely’s 1938 – 1957

Paul Armstrong 1932 – 1938

* Still researching prior to 1932 * 




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